Cohesive, Reliable, Organized, Responsive

What sets up apart…our desire to make your life easier!
Yes, we’re a digital marketing agency. We make things beautiful and keep things on brand. 
But, a lot of agencies do that. The difference with us - 

We ask questions. 
We establish timelines and milestones (and meet them). 
We dedicate a project manager to you. 
We organize files so you (and we) can easily find things.

We communicate with you. 

Your Out-of-House,

Get the best of both worlds

You're in the right place If you're looking for a marketing team who will:

  • Communicate with you clearly & set expectations
  • Direct you throughout the entire process
  • Have a clear plan going into your project
  • Focus on your goals
  • Support your upcoming events & launch calendar
  • Plan with your client experience in mind
  • Analyze the gaps in your current content
  • Give context to your service and/or product
  • Help you get clear on what your brand represents & how you serve your clients
  • Think about how you will be using your resulting collateral
  • Help you make a great first impression

We’re a graphic designer, photographer, copywriter, Marketing & PR Strategist, and paid ads specialist at your service. 

This means you get the benefits of a full-fledged, in-house team without the need to hire and manage individual specialists.

IN-House marketing team

starts at $9000

We believe it takes a full team to build a website that makes a client instantly want to hire you. With our full service website service we stand up your website + brand with the help of our in-house brand designer, photographer, copywriter, and SEO expert. We take a Showit or Shopify website template & make it yours.

full service website

our services

starts at $1650/mo

Having the Huntsville Design House team on retainer means you have access to our subject matter experts as if they were in-house. As a retainer client, your projects have first priority on our schedule each month. We can build your marketing team to fit your needs--including our graphic designer, photographer, copywriter, PR specialist, and paid ads manager.  

your marketing team


starts at $1500/mo

SEO & content creation

Our SEO & Content Creation package enhances your online presence by performing a website audit, optimizing it for search engines, and creating engaging, SEO-specific content. We not only help you get found on search engines, but also create valuable content that engages your audience.


starts at $850/mo

A regular newsletter is your secret weapon for staying connected with your audience and fostering lasting relationships...right in their inbox. We offer email template design, copywriting for your welcome series, lead magnet creation, & monthly management & content creation of your newsletter to ensure your subscribers stay engaged and well-informed. 



starts at $1600/mo

social media

Are you a busy business owner who recognizes the significance of a robust social media presence? Let us alleviate the social media burden for you. Leveraging your brand shoot imagery, we'll curate and schedule a cohesive feed to ensure your social media presence mirrors your exceptional quality.


starts at $800

Efficiently managing client inquiries and on-boarding is vital to providing a positive customer experience. By establishing the right systems and automations, you can fulfill your clients' needs, provide education, and simplify their experience without having to manually send every email. Let's work together to take care of your clients and make their lives (and yours) easier.

CRM setup


starts at $1500 for 3 sessions

marketing & brand consulting

We're your dedicated guide through the ever-changing landscape of small business. Our tailored sessions encompass a range of essential business aspects, allowing you to tap into the expertise of the ideal HDH team member for your specific needs.


starts at $1200

The digital presence of your brand often serves as the initial encounter for your clients. It's crucial to guarantee a positive experience by examining how we can maintain a cohesive and on-brand message and visual identity online. Let's work together to make sure your digital brand leaves a lasting and favorable impression.

Brand & Marketing Audits


a la carte services


and more...

paid ads
brand & product photography
public affairs
brand design